18 March 2020

2019 Sentiment Analysis: MTurk Wages & Measuring Fairness

We took a look at wage trends for in-task payments on MTurk over the last two years, and have developed updated guidelines to share with researchers based on that data.

18 November 2019

Writer Who Never Learned to Drive Works for Uber. Makes $0.97/hr.

Imagine if someone told you they’d decided they were going to work for Uber—despite not having a car, a license, or even any experience riding in a car. Sound ridiculous? That's how the article about Mechanical Turk, published by The New York Times, sounds to many workers...

13 August 2019

Institution Profiles Live on TurkerView!

Turkerview has launched profiles for academic institutions in the US, UK, & Canada to help connect researchers & give workers more information.

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